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I love speculating about how science & technology will effect our futures. It’s what drew me to science-fiction television, movies, and books as a child.

Books in particular, pulled me away into new worlds, with unique and fantastic technologies that made me wonder about the possibilities of our own future.

I grew up in a time where science-fiction quickly became science fact. Computers quickly exceeded even our wildest dreams. I was obsessed with them as a kid (and still now) and our house always had the latest upgrade, long before computers were the norm. It’s what led to me studying software engineering when I grew up. I couldn’t get enough of the power they gave me over history, information and creation.

I remember my Dad bringing home our first PC, and telling me that technology had reached it’s peak. ‘We’d never have anything faster or better than this.’

Now my phone is more powerful than the computer that landed people on the Moon.

It’s speculating how technology will advance, and effect us as people, that makes sci-fi work for me.

I know¬†the popular trends have shifted away from that core value in recent years. The teenage girl struggling to juggle a love triangle and a rebellion against a dystopian government, a washed up drunk space captain pulled back in to lead his run down ship into a battle one last time against the odds. There’s also the plucky house-wife and her nerdy pizza boy delivery friend, leading the last remnants of society in a war against hordes of undead monsters.

They often lead me wondering “Where is the science?”

It can go the other way too. Books that read like maths and science journals that are so scientific fact, that they’ve forgotten to be an enjoyable story or have characters that spit out information like they’re a super computer.

While I admit to finding all kinds of science-fiction entertaining, even the generic examples I’ve given above, there is nothing quite like sitting down to a fast paced well written novel about real people dealing with fantastical scientific breakthroughs and technology. Then seeing how that new technology or change effects them, their world and futures.

I’m partial to the odd sneaky, bitter and smart antagonist trying to mess it up for us too…

Speculation is a bit part of what makes us human. In my books, tweets, and posts, I hope that I can help you speculate on what our future might be like. Oh, and have some fun doing it at the same time.

Thanks for reading.